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ESG After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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ESG After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty after gastric sleeve surgery is also known as endoscopic revision after gastric sleeve surgery. This procedure helps patients who have had a prior gastric sleeve surgery who find that after initial significant weight loss, they are now regaining the weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery works by removing a portion of the stomach and creating a narrow sleeve that limits the amount of food a patient can eat. Over time, the stomach can stretch and patients can eat more food and find they are starting to regain the weight.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a way to address this problem. This involves passing a lighted instrument (a gastroscope) into the stomach. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia for maximum safety and comfort. Using the instrument, stitches are placed in order to make the stomach smaller. This procedure helps limit the amount that can be eaten and increases the sensation of fullness after eating. This should result in renewed weight loss. Call Bariatric Endoscopy Tampa Bay today for more information.

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Advantages Compared to Surgical Revision

This procedure offers several advantages compared to a surgical revision. Scarring and adhesions resulting from a prior gastric sleeve surgery would make a surgical revision more technically difficult and riskier. This is a nonsurgical procedure so there is no scarring, less risk of complications, less pain, and faster recovery. There is less time off needed from work and faster return to normal activities.

The procedure is performed at an ambulatory surgery center as opposed to a hospital and is, therefore, more economical. Patients with serious heart or lung problems, stroke, cirrhosis, drug or alcohol abuse, or who are on blood thinners would not be good candidates for this procedure.