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Information for Patients from Out of Town

We welcome patients from out of town and out of state who wish to come to Tampa Bay for their weight loss procedures. We understand you are travelling a long distance and we have tried to make the process as simple, efficient, safe, and convenient as possible. We can obtain a complete medical history, review the procedure, and answer all questions by telehealth using video. After the consultation, we order routine blood tests and arrange for an evaluation by a dietician. The dietician will perform an initial consultation and monthly follow-up visits for 12 months using video. If the blood work is in good order we schedule the procedure. We schedule the procedure usually on a Wednesday. You should be here in the company of a friend or family member. We request that you arrive the day prior to your procedure and stay locally after the procedure in the unlikely event there are any complications. In this way, we can attend to you should the need arise. If you live in Florida 2 hours drive away or more we would suggest staying locally for 3 days. If you come from out of state we suggest staying locally for 7 days. After you return home, future follow-ups are conducted by telehealth using video.

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